Our Listeners

Our Youth Listeners are trained, compassionate individuals from all walks of life who want to offer support.

Our listeners


Melanie remembers what it was like being a teenager locked up in her room, unable to talk to anyone, and she wouldn't want anyone else to go through the same. She would like to help create a safe space where teenagers can talk openly without being shamed or discriminated against. "I think young people are battling the fear of imperfection. Everything is so picture-perfect these days; from Instagram models to the people on their TV screens. The narratives that are being told to them are quite overwhelming. You need perfect grades in order to get into the perfect ivy league school in order to get the perfect job and earn the perfect amount of money.If you decide to drop out you have to be perfect at whatever you are doing in order to live a perfect life. It is a really big problem in our society." Says Melanie


Elly is a person who always has the heart to take time out of her life and put others’ needs first. With a deeply compassionate nature, she always empathizes with the issues and problems young people face, listening and supporting their needs as best she can. Making a difference is the most important thing for her.  “As I find that they are in their growing years to become young adults, they are more at risk to develop mental health issues due to the pressure they get in the surrounding and I would like to lend my listening ear to as many people as I can." Says Elly


As a teenager, Marsha followed a wayward path for a while and got into many difficulties. Having now turned her life around, she is perfectly equipped to help guide other youngsters through their struggles, and always with a warm and friendly ear and without judgement


Ellesse is a compassionate listener, her goal is to help young people in the community understand what mental health is and to understand how to go about it when they’re feeling a certain way. Ellesse's goal is to make more people aware and be a prevention for anyone who is feeling at harm of themselves and other people.