Blog Detail / “Teenager Stuck in Lockdown? You Need These 6 Self-Care Tips.”

“Teenager Stuck in Lockdown? You Need These 6 Self-Care Tips.”

Last updated: 17-12-20

With possible further Covid-19 lockdowns approaching, this guide to self-care for teenagers will help even the most anxious among us to cope with the daily experience of staying at home. Designed for teenagers, applicable to us all. 

Well, 2020—where do we begin? How do we start to unpack the mind-blowing events that the past year has brought into our lives? The answer is, we’re not quite ready yet. Plus, we have spoken about pretty much nothing else all year so let’s put a pin in that particular topic.


What we are here for, are the tips that every kind of teenager can benefit from as we move into another possible lockdown. Or perhaps you’re accessing this article from a position of home lockdown already. Wherever you’re at, help is at hand!


Here are the 6 tips you need to know about:


1. Learn from last time. 

 What worked for you during the last lockdown? What didn’t make you happy? What did you wish you did during the last lockdown that you could prepare for this time? By reflecting where you’ve been you can empower yourself to make great plans for the time ahead.


2. Refresh your home space. 

 It’s amazing how much fresher a room feels once the furniture has been rearranged. Challenge yourself to see how you can change your living spaces to help them feel like ‘new’ again. No need for lockdown deja vu this time!


3. Gather some treasure. 

 Now is the time, before the rush, to buy in your favorite treats and self-care items. Whether it’s fancy bath bombs, home gym equipment, or some walking boots for these crucial walks outdoors. Get prepared with the tools you need to feel your best.


4. Stand strong on what you don’t enjoy.  

This is not a time to worry about peer pressure. Hate online quizzes? Then don’t join in when your friends invite you. Make other plans (ones which you will enjoy) and let others do what works for them. Make your mental wellbeing a priority.


5. Find a repetitive movement hobby.  

Research has repeatedly shown that activities such as knitting, painting, sketching or DIY can be incredibly soothing to an anxious mind. Have something nearby to turn to in replacement of stress-inducing newsfeed scrolling.


5. Find an excuse to laugh every day.  

This is a stressful time that none of us could have prepared for. There are some scary events occurring but that doesn’t mean you can’t break through it all with a laugh. Whether it’s dancing in the kitchen each morning or watching comedy shows, make humor your priority!



Most of all—don’t forget that you don’t need to have everything together all of the time. It’s perfectly okay to have wobbly moments or to feel unsure when everything around you is so changeable.


Stay connected to nature as often as possible. Call friends on the phone rather than texting. Eat well to refuel. Sleep when you need to. Do what you need to do to help you survive and thrive. 


Oh, and there’s always Netflix!

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