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"Struggling with Stress? 5 Powerful Ways to Overcome Anxiety”

Last updated: 17-12-20

You are likely reading these words because you are struggled with panic and anxiety within your daily life. Equip yourself with these self-support practices to help you powerfully overcome your mental health triggers.


Clammy hands are joined by whole body tension, as worried thoughts overwhelm the mind entirely. As the constant low hum of anxiety builds, suddenly an acute panic attack arrives without warning or welcome. Your heart begins to beat so hard that you feel as if it might burst.


Resonating? You are likely here reading these words because you want to know how to overcome your anxiety. Perhaps you are overwhelmed by current events in your life. Or you might have battled anxiety for a number of years and you want to find ways to lessen its grip on your life.


You aren’t alone. Millions of people from all walks of life battle anxiety on a daily basis. The good news is that you don’t have to continue suffering in silence and there are a range of ways that you can self-support to win the war against panic and anxiety.


Here is your 5 step guide to powerfully overcoming your anxiety, starting today:


1.Find the root. 

Panic and anxiety happen for us all in slightly different ways and for very different reasons. We might become triggered because of past trauma or it could be down to hormonal imbalances. Explore possible causes with a medical professional. By learning what might be causing your distress, you will be far better equipped to deal with it.


2.Be your own best friend.  

Love yourself by actioning great self-care. Feed yourself with meals that taste great and make you feel energized. Sleep without your smartphone. Head outdoors every day. You’ll be amazed at the difference it will soon have on your coping abilities.


3.Build your team.  

Identify who you can trust with your emotions when you feel triggered. Let these individuals know how much you value them before asking if they would be willing to be a support buddy. This might be in the form of a check-up text daily, or they might become the person you call when you need to talk through how you’re feeling. Talking things over will help them to know how they can help you.


4.Use creativity to release thoughts and emotions.  

Writing out how you’re feeling in a notebook can help you to climb down from spiked emotions. It doesn’t matter what the writing looks like, or how well you can spell. Challenge yourself to write without pausing. Keep your writing, or simply recycle the pages to release any negativity.


5.Enlist professional support. 

You are not a trained mental health professional, so it’s perfectly okay to not be an expert on what you’re experiencing. There are a range of treatment options out there waiting for you. Your symptoms may reduce simply from knowing you are in control of the situation rather than the other way around.



Those nights of stressed out midnight hours where you lie awake worrying about what might happen next don’t need to be a permanent fixture in your life. You really can overcome your anxiety —and you will, equipped with support tips like these. 


You are not defined by your anxiety and you don’t need to carry it with you any longer. Put the right practices and people in place to help you achieve your goal of freedom. Your future self will be so glad you did!

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