Youth Listener: Here to Hear You.

About Us

We started the Youth Listener platform because we realized that there were social and trust gaps that increased mental health challenges faced by young people. Beyond these, young people were at higher risk of not disclosing or sharing their mental health issues because they did not feel any connection with people charged with addressing their unique mental health situations due to differences in perspectives.

Our Vision

To promote a worldwide community of free emotional support for anyone who wants to be heard.

Our Mission

Youth Listener is on a mission to nurture a global emotional support network that is free to anyone who’d like to connect, share, listen or talk. To ensure we continue to grow as a trusted resource that benefits our entire community, we provide training and workshops for our volunteers. Our digital approach ensures immediate, real and confidential connections are made from anywhere in the world. We believe everyone should have access to free emotional support services because when we listen, we can change lives. 

Our listeners across the globe